Gordon MacDonald Almstead, Hermaneus Baer,  Dan Balestrero, Miklos Bencze, Edith Bers, Walter Carringer, Irma Cooper, Eleanor Gardner; Norman Gulbrandsen, Melvin Hakola, Paul Hickfang, Lorenzo Malfatti, Zinka Milanov, Eleanor Steber, Elizabeth Stevens, Yi-Kwei Sze, Vera Rozsa, Helen Vanni, William Whitesides.

Master Classes

Kurt Adler, Noelle Barker, Pierre Bernac, Lili Chookasian, Joan Sutherland/Richard Bonynge, Oren Brown, Monserrat Caballe', Maria Callas, Boris Christoff, Burton Coffin, Ethel Evans, Tito Gobbi, Marilyn Horne, John Muschick, Alice Parker, Eleanor Steber, Giuseppi Di Steffano, Italo Tajo.


Anthony Addison, Robert Gay, Boris Goldovsky, Joseph Machlos.


Victor Babin, Michael Burke, Eunice Podis, Vitya Vronski, Jose Rambaldi.


Maurice Casey, William Ferris, Vance George, David Haas, Margaret Hillis, Steven R. Janco, Max Janowski, Robert Page, Robert Shaw.


Reuben Kaplan, Rexford Keller, Ruth Ann McDonald.

Of Special Importance

Over the years, I have had the honor and privilege of studying with a number of Master Teachers, senior instructors with International Careers and a history of outstanding teaching - Vitya Vronsky and Victor Babin, Eleanor Steber, Joseph Machlos, Max Janowski, Boris Goldovsky, Vera Rozsa.

Student, Protege, Colleague, Friend of Eleanor Steber, leading Soprano of The Metropolitan Opera from 1971 til her death.

Eleanor Steber

Student, Protege, Colleague, Friend of Max Janowski, Distinguished Jewish Composer and Cantor / Director of Music, Kehilath Anshe Maarov Isaiah Isreal Congregation, from 1970 til his death

Max Janowski

Max JanowskiMAX JANOWSKI (1912 – 1991) was a prodigious 20th century composer whose liturgical compositions have been performed in concert halls, synagogues, churches and colleges throughout the world. Janowski was born in Berlin, emigrated to Japan in the early 1930s (where he became head of the piano department at the Musashino Academy of Music in Tokyo) and ultimately came to New York in 1937. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

Janowski was thoroughly trained in piano, organ, composition and conducting. He was the beloved music director, organist and choir director at several Chicago-area synagogues and churches. His compositions number in the hundreds, but his most beloved piece, sung at Temple Emanu-El and at synagogues all over the world, is his setting of Avinu Malkeinu ("Our Father, Our King") for the High Holy Days. 

Student, Protege, Colleague, Friend of Joseph Machlos, author of The Enjoyment of Music, from 1971 til his death.

The Enjoyment of Music: An Introduction to Perceptive Listening (Shorter Tenth Edition)

Student, Protege, Colleague, Friend of Boris Goldovsky, author of Bringing Opera to Life, from 1971 til his death.



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